BIM engineering
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BIM is an efficient and suitable method not only for planning and construction, but for the entire life cycle of a building. This includes operation and the associated technical building equipment.

In addition, in future you will also form the basis for technical commissioning and operation. With the support of the BIM model, the basis for the operation and utilisation phase is presented and updated in conjunction with CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management).

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Revitalisation of an office building | 3D modelling with technical IFC parameters

All those involved in the planning of this project are working with the BIM methodology. In addition to 3D modelling, the aim is to record all relevant components in a database with predefined parameters. In the model, the respective trade models can be shown and hidden with a click.

IFC parameterisation of the technical components in the model

Using the example of an escape sign luminaire, we store all relevant parameters in the model. This data is exported in the subsequent planning, used for the mass determination and later serves the operator for the facility management.

buildingSMART | Founding Member Nordbayern

We are a founding member of the Devision “Nordbayern” regional group in the buildingSMART circle,
in order to actively participate in the further development and improvement of the BIM standard.