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Sebastian Loch talks about engineering for fire alarm systems using BIM

As part of the “Feuerfeutel-Frühstück” of the Schraner company, the managing director of SL Elektroplanung GmbH spoke on 19.05.2021 about the use of BIM in the engineering of fire alarm systems in building construction. Not only did he vividly present the advantages and disadvantages here, but he also gave suggestions for improvement to the manufacturers with which cooperation could be made more pleasant. Many excerpts from our actual planning work illustrate the examples.

The feedback from the audience was consistently positive. The manufacturers were also grateful for the insight, which is rarely possible for them in their everyday work.

Especially in electrical engineering, the use of BIM in Germany is still in its infancy. Come and see what it can look like! The complete slides of the presentation are available here:

Off to the capital city! SL Elektroplanung dares to expand – 5 years after its foundation

After the growth of recent years at the Nuremberg headquarters, the managing director and owner of SL Elektroplanung GmbH, Sebastian Loch, decided at the beginning of 2020 to expand his sphere of activity in the north of Germany. “Since we have already handled projects in Berlin and therefore have some good local contacts, a branch office in Berlin was the next logical step,” says the 34-year-old.

In October 2020, the time had come: a separate office was rented and the branch manager, graduate engineer Noras Andrews, was hired. Since then, the new branch has been located at Eichenallee 12, 14050 Berlin. Mr Andrews serves as the contact person for all matters, so that future projects will be handled independently from there. Since the opening, one employee and three projects have already been acquired in the Berlin area. The graduate engineer is pleased: “We are proud that we have been able to gain a foothold in the metropolis so quickly!

SL Elektroplanung GmbH was founded in 2015 and is exclusively active in the specialist engineering of electrotechnical systems in building construction. By specialising in this area of technical building equipment, it offers extensive expertise in both residential and commercial construction. Above all, the topic of 3D modelling using BIM is a project close to the company’s heart, and it is happy to answer questions on this topic for interested parties. From the Nuremberg headquarters, the southern German region will be covered in the future, while Noras Andrews in Berlin will take over everything “between Leipzig and the Baltic Sea coast“.

Now it’s time to get cracking! In order to keep up with the growth of the last few years, we are of course also looking for new employees for the Berlin branch. Applications from project managers, specialist engineers and designer in electrical engineering are always welcome. General contractors, building owners or planning offices interested in working with us should not hesitate to contact us. Because according to owner Sebastian Loch, “the main goal is to build up a solid circle of engineering partners and clients with whom we can realise construction projects together for many years to come“.